• StitchLine


    StitchLine—Drylaid stitch bonded nonwoven made from 100% bottle recycled staple fibers, the web formation take place on roller cards and bonded with warp knitted polyester filaments. StitchLine has distinguished mechanical structure, the breaking strength and durability is superior than other type of nonwovens, it is also flexible for post treatment  such as flame retardance, water repellence, hard finish etc.

  • NeedleArt


    NeedleArt—The high quality needle punched nonwoven solution, through hydro-needled combination process, characterized by high uniform, good tensile strength, mechanical and elongation performance and additional treatments to further properties like hard handfeel, flame retardance, acoustic insulation etc.



    THERMO AIR—Bicomponent fiber carded to web and bonded by thermo air flow, it is the general process of THERMO AIR. The fabric has distinct properties like softness, fluffiness, elasticity, breathability and skin-friendliness, which makes it very suitable in hygiene products(baby diapers, feminine care, adult care), cleaning products, disposable protection products(facial aspirator).



    SSMMS— The five-layer texture spunmelt nonwoven fabric. S=spunbond, M=meltblown, two layers meltblown is sandwiched between  three layers spunbond. SMMSS has exceptional performance in water repellency, bacterial resistance, tearing resistance due the hydratextures. When we add chemical additives, it can be also antistatic, alcohol repellent, flame retardant, plasma repellent etc. It is mainly used in medical care and labor protection.



    PLA SPUNBOND—the biobased and degradable spunbond nonwoven. It is completely eco-friendly, skin-friendly as well as good basic performance. Thanks to unique process, PLA SPUNBOND now is manufactured in large scale and applied in many fields. It is one of the exemplary sustainable products for the present.



    PPSP—the spunbond filament nonwoven fabric made from 100% polypropylene virgin chips. We have lines of SS, SSS producing fabric in varied width, gram weight, color, thanks to master batch, it can be ultra-soft, hydropholic, anti-bacteria, UV free, flame retardant etc. Our PPSP is applied widely in hygiene, medical & healthcare, agriculture & horticulture, bedding & home textile, packaging etc.

  • SPC


    SPC—is a three-layer textures  spunlaid+pulp+carded high-performance nonwoven. Thanks to exceptional process control, SPC multi-layer nonwoven is dual-sided textile like feel, while the absorbant core enables excellent moisture distribution and high strength. It is a superb solution in personal care and sanitizing.

  • Bambooo


    Bambooo—One of  the revolutionary innovation in sustainable spunlace solutions. Luojia has been working with fiber suppliers to develop diversity of sustainable nonwovens. Bambooo is made from 100% bamboo fiber, featuring superior moisture absorption, air permeability, skin-friendly, anti-bacteria and outstanding break force. The choice of our Bambooo is a choice towards sustainability.

  • PrintIn


    PrintIn—The diversity of spunlace nonwoven include colors and designs. PrintIn allow so many colour choices and tailored logos to customers, these products can be alternatives or fancy solutions in many areas. At Luojia, we work to come true your any design.

  • CottonLace


    CottonLace—100% natural cotton-made nonwoven. The production of CottonLace must follow high standard technology, it only takes 5 minutes from cotton fiber to CottonLace, but the optimal quality conveys our expertise. CottonLace has the superior softness as well as good strength, it is skin-friendly, hydrophilic, non-allergenic and sustainable to applied in medical, personal care, hygiene etc.

  • HybriWood


    HybriWood—The indispensable cleaning solution. Wood pulp enables many important features such as super moisture absorption, antistatic, antipilling, good tearing strength etc., the products can be widely applied in household and industrial areas.

  • FlushA


    FlushA—The popular dispersable products in Luojia’s portfolio. Based on our sophisticated manufacturing, FlushA has been on the superior quality level since. It features high dispersibility, optimal using strength, softness in hand. It is one of the best sustainable wipes solution.

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