How we move against COVID-19

Since the novel coronavirus spreads anywhere, Luojia has been trying to solve all kinds of manufacture and trading problems as well as undertake social responsibilities, it is a fight across every member of Luojia.


The incident was occurred right close to Chinese Lunar New Year, when every Chinese were immersed in the festival atmosphere, preparing gifts, food, new dressings, watching TV, family union etc, the coronavirus changed everything. As soon as people realized how serious it was, virus has spreaded to many cities. Our communities, schools, hospitals, organizations were forced to take emergent measures to deal this pandemic which most people didn’t know what was going on. In Wuhan, a city with more than eleven million population, we had the first initial knock down, people were constrained for all public getherings.

The essential protective products were soon in high demand include mask, protective coveralls, disinfecting wipes etc. As a nonwoven materials supplier, Luojia responded quickly. We had urgent meeting to make decision about starting manufacturing in advance, it was still in festival,but we were preparing for this battle without hesitation. All workers backed to posts, spending most time as they could to extend our capacity. At that days, we are working day and night even the demand is still increasing largely, we dedicated all time and ability to release the pandemic impact.

Meanwhile, we made donations to Wuhan and hospitals many waves. We believe, being a responsible company is crutial to a sustainable development.


Post time: Jun-20-2023